About the project

The main objective of the project entitled “TeleNRsCare-Telenursing network to integrate care for the elderly and chronically ill people is to create a network for the exchange of knowledge, technology, experience and best practices, aiming to create a reference center for the cross-border telenursing in cooperation with an Island based institution, in order to improve access and the quality of nursing care for the elderly and chronically ill patients.”

Following phenomena and directives imply the need for the project realization:

a) ” aging population” phenomenon
In the aging society of Europe the demand for medical services will rise. CSO predicts that the number of people in retirement age may reach 9.6 million in 2030, hence the number of nursing personnel may be insufficient to provide care for the aging society.

b) Directive 2011/24/EU
EU Directive (2011/24/EU) calls to develop a cooperation between healthcare institutions and their entities to ensure safe, high quality and efficient cross-border healthcare system via joint planning, defining standards for introduction of interoperable ICT system, mechanisms ensuring care continuity and creation of reference centers also for nurses. Studies show that nurses spend 75% of time on documentation, what may be changed by the use of IT tools with the international dictionary. In terms of patient care quality and his satisfaction with medical services, a crucial role besides medical equipment and housing conditions plays a command of foreign languages, communication ability and the use of medical staff modern communication tools and techniques. Introduction of the International ICNP® Standard (ISO 18104:2003), widely accepted by the nursing world, enables the treatment of foreigners.

Along with the project realization will come the creation of a network of bilateral exchange of knowledge, technology, experience and best practices, aiming to improve nursing care and telenursing, thus fitting into the Bilateral Fund’s objective. Project activities will result in the creation of teams involved in development and application of knowledge gained from the created international networks of exchange. The project meets the main goal of PL07 program by enhancing the international cooperation enabling replication of best care practices, especially telenursing, and applying it into the Polish health service.

Added value will be the increase in the throughput of nursing services in the Lodz region, owing to the introduction of telenursing possible due to the network of exchange created under the project. By transferring a large number of personal consultations to phone and on-line, and hence, improving the overall health care system the project realization will lead to faster development of regional medical services sector; and further encouragement of Member States to establish cooperation with Polish institutions.

The project will be performed by MUL and National Iceland. Joint activities: development of network functioning strategies, standards and procedures for network’s operation (including patients’ support), preparation of network’s annual action plans, actions leading to further network’s development; joint meetings. These actions will serve to establish and maintain long-term cooperation with the partner after the project’s completion and all the undertaken activities will be continued.