The project “TeleNRsCare-Telenursing network to integrate care for the elderly and chronically ill people” is realized by Bilateral Relation Fund within the Programme PL07 Development and better adaptation of health care to demographic and epidemiological trends which is co-financed by the funds  from EEA Financial Mechanism for 2009-2014 and Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

Project will be implemented by Medical University of Lodz (The Division of Nursing) in cooperation with University of Iceland, in Reykjavik.

The main objective of the project entitled is to create a network for the exchange of knowledge, technology, experience and best practices, aiming to create a reference center for the cross-border telenursing in cooperation with an Island based institution, in order to improve access and the quality of nursing care for the elderly and chronically ill patients.”

Planned project activities:

A. Conference on telecare for the elderly and chronically ill at the Medical University of Lodz (MUL), Poland
B. Trainings on the care for the elderly and chronically ill for 6 Polish nursing leaders in Iceland
C. Workshops for 15  nurses on building care plans for the elderly and chronically ill based on the ICNP® dictionary

The project implementation  will be an important step in strengthening cooperation between Medical University of Lodz and University of Iceland -creating a model of establishing contacts aiming at working together on specific actions.

Project Coordinator:
dr Dorota Kilańska; e-mail:

Project Office:
Zakład Pielęgniarstwa Społecznego i Zarządzania w Pielęgniarstwie
Katedra Nauczania Pielęgniarstwa
90-136 Łódź, ul. Narutowicza 58
telephone:+48  42 678  87 53